Mission Statement

The quality of security, safety, and service comes from the true commitment of each office member. Public Security takes pride in its role as a participant in the provision of quality service to all community member, clients, employees and patrons who work or visit those sites in which we are charged with providing security services. Our mission is the protection of those patrons, employees and properties of the Private Businesses who contract with us for those specified services. Our security and patrol duties may not extend beyond the boundaries of property owned, operated or administered by the contracting Clients unless there is an immediate and present danger to life or property. We dedicate our full-time efforts to the duties incumbent upon all private security officers. We accept our private security mission to serve the Private Sector with the enduring belief that in so doing, we serve ourselves. In accomplishing this mission, we are guided by the following principles:

To recognize that the primary purpose of our organization is not only the skilful enforcement of the law, but the delivery of humanitarian services that encourage community harmony.

To understand that we must maintain a level of professional competence that ensures our safety and that of the public without compromising the constitutional guarantees of any person.

To base our decisions and actions on ethical as well as practical perspectives and to accept responsibility for the consequences.

To foster a collaborative relationship with the various levels of Clients, Management while assisting in providing the best possible private security service.

To strive for innovation, yet remain prudent in sustaining our fiscal health through the wise us of resources

To never tire of our duty, never shrink form the difficult tasks and never lose sight of our own humanity.