The need for quality customer service is a must in today’s industry dealing with security services. All of our clients are given every means of communication to the management staff at Public Security to ensure that all needs regarding there properties are taken care of in a timely manner. Public Security offers the following

  1. 24 hour dispatch center for the residents and clients to call in security issues
  2. A Supervisor is on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  3. E-mail access for clients requesting attention to special items dealing with their assets
  4. Fax capability for client requests dealing with special items on there properties

We at Public Security do not believe in phone answering services, because the person answering your calls cannot help you with issues or problems on your properties. We provide all of our management staff with the means and capability of contacting a client and for the client to contact our staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All of this is accomplished with out having to listen to a long phone tree system or some one that can only pass on the information. We guarantee a response from one of our staff, with in a reasonable amount of time and at no inconvenience to the client.


At Public Security we specialize in all patrol and onsite aspects of the security industry. One of the many areas where Public Security has proven to be the best and most reliable, is working in the residential sites. We not only meet the standards set forth by the State of California for safety training, we surpass it and set the pace for others to follow. A bimonthly safety training packets are distributed among all staff in the field keeping the up to date on anything from how to call the proper authorities to logging the proper information for your maintenance crew.

Public Security offers the following services for Residential Security Industry:

  • Armed/Unarmed Patrol Officers, Vehicle Patrols
  • Armed & Unarmed Onsite Security Officers
  • On Board Computer Tracking Systems in Included with the Patrol Service
  • 24-Hour on Call Response Services, 24-Hour Alarm Response Services
  • Response to nuisance complaints from residents
  • Parking permits, Hang tags and Stickers available

Commercial, Industrial

Public Security also offers the skills of monitoring and patrolling commercial and Industrial locations. We take great pride in the reputation that we have earned in deferring crime, no matter the location. Our officers have the training and are confident when they contact people who may or may not have legal reasons to be on your property during non-business hours. Public Security also offers Alarm Response service for all businesses. Adding the service to the patrol aspect aids our officers in the field to deter, apprehend and document any incidents. Public Security has proven to be a leader in the Alarm Response Services at a very competitive price.

Public Security offers a wide range of services for the Commercial and Industrial industries:

  • Random Vehicle Patrol
  • Dedicated Vehicle Patrol
  • Onsite Foot/Bike Patrol
  • Armed, Unarmed Officers
  • K-9 Team Response (for building search capabilities)
  • Alarm Response Service
  • Wand Time Tracking Systems
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports
  • 24-Hour Standby Response Service

Patrol Vehicles

Being a visual deferent is a huge part of security work. Public Security offers the best when it comes to our Patrol Vehicles. All of Public Security's patrol vehicles are marked in accordance with State Mandated Regulations. Each patrol vehicles is equipped with an On Board computer, Light Bar, Spotlights, Mobile Radio, Scanner and Prisoner Containment System. Each Patrol Vehicle has a Standard Radio that is on a trunked frequency, with over 4 channels of communication that are relayed through two separate repeaters. You will have a secure feeling when you see Public Security's Security Patrol Vehicles patrolling your property!

Canine Units

Public Security is one of the few security companies that specialize in security patrol and K-9 services. We currently have seven K-9 Officers on staff, and each officer attends weekly training at Public Security's main office.

Each Handler and K-9 is trained in the following:

  • Obedience
  • Protection
  • Tracking
  • Searching
  • Crowd Control
  • Search and Rescue
  • Detection

Each team attends a 180 hour Basic Handler course and receives weekly sustained training. Unlike some of the other K-9 security companies, Public Security has a paid trainer on staff with over 20 years of experience in K-9 training. This officer is accessible for any situation that may need his attention.

Gated Communities

Each one of our gated communities has an experienced Post Commander knowledgeable in all aspects of onsite services and patrols, and highly trained in hands-on supervision. In order for you, the client, to get the quality of service that you deserve, we, as the provider must and will supply the best supervision that the security industry can offer. All of Public Security's Gate Officers are trained in Public Relations, which means they know how to deal with situations and still remain professional while representing our clients.

Apartment Complex

Public Security has acknowledged the need for additional security services in the apartment community area. Public Security Officers are well trained and arrive on site with the knowledge and experience on how to deal with situations that arise in close living quarters. We have been effective in decreasing the criminal elements of car burglaries, auto thefts, vandalism, under age drinking, curfew violation, loud parties and trespassers.

Parking Enforcement

When you contract us to enforce the parking rules and regulations for your property, you can be sure that we will enforce them to the tee. We are not afraid to cite or tow the unruly tenant or neighbor who likes to threaten or defy the property rules.

Public Security offers on onboard computer system in all of our patrol units, so that the officer can check the status of any vehicle on your property for any prior cites, current safelists, or tow listings. We also offer logs of any and all parking enforcement citations to be accessible to you at a moment's notice. Public Security also offer a parking permit program where we will order, issue and record all permits for your community.

Dedicated Vehicles

In the fast growing private security industry, Public Security acknowledges the need for the dedicated vehicle service. Public Security furnishes a vehicle equipped according to your specification (within the limits of the law) and then advertises your property name or company name on the vehicle.

We offer many options with this service:

  • Permit Processing and Application Issuance Program
  • Multiple Property Patrol Services (Management Companies, Contractor)
  • Parking Enforcement Detail

24-Hour Dispatch

Public Security uses the trunked radio system where only Public Security employees use the frequency, creating a clear line of communication. Public Security has a dispatcher on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including all holidays. This gives our officers the ability to quickly react to situations and communicate to Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue agencies throughout the counties involved. We can have an officer en-route to your property or location within seconds of your phone call with our dispatcher.

Alarm Response

Public Security currently has a Patrol Division comprised of approximately 30 vehicles. Each patrol vehicle is assigned a district and responds to any alarm activation that falls within their district boundaries. Our response time to alarm activations can be significantly faster than most local police agencies in Southern California. Public Security has very reasonable rates for our alarm response service. Please contact one of sales representative to see just how affordable our alarm response service can be for your home or business.


Public Security leaves nothing to chance when it comes to properly citing and towing vehicles from private properties. Each citation or tow is turned in to the shift sergeants for approval. Before the patrol officers return to work for their next shift, all of the cites from the prior shift are downloaded to their patrol unit's onboard computer system.

When we tow vehicles in accordance to your property rules and regulations, we require all of our officers to obtain a photo of the vehicle in the original position of violation. If the owner of the vehicle decides to dispute the cite or tow and demand reimbursement, we have the firepower for you to deny or grant the claim.

Fire Watch

When a building needs to be fumigated, painted, windows replaced or just needs a springtime cleaning, we can help prevent vandals, teens or observers looking on, hampering workers or creating liability in case of accident. Public Security will place an officer on the property for an hourly rate. Call for a free quote and let us be your eyes and ears!

Special Events/Crowd Control

If you are planning a large gathering and need to have control of the entrance points to the event, Public Security offers special officers for control of access and exit points. If you need security for the parking lots or events locations, active rovers through large crowds, we offer this service with the best uniformed officers in the industry.

Public Security understands that at some social occasions there is not a need for the uniformed presence, but still the need for the type of men and women that wear the uniform. We offer the polo attire for low key events. Uniformed or not, the officers we provide are trained, well groomed and very professional and will add to the enjoyment of the event by making and keeping your Event or Special Occasion safe