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in today’s industry dealing with security services.



Built on the principles of providing reliable service.



Built on the principles of providing reliable service.


Security Officer Patrol Services

Performed On Foot, By Bike, On a Golf Cart or In a Vehicle

Public Security, Inc. provides businesses, schools, and other private property owners in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the rest of the Southern California area with reliable, professional, and affordable private security patrol services. Our patrols are performed by trained security guards who are all registered with California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). You can count on our guards to be skilled and experienced at watching for and investigating suspicious activity, de-escalating conflicts, responding to alarms, and communicating with the public. Depending upon each client’s needs, patrols are done on foot, by bike, in a golf cart, or in a vehicle. By offering four types of guard patrols, we’re able to effectively monitor and protect properties of all sizes, no matter the terrain.


On-Site Security Assessments & Personalized Solutions

To ensure our clients get maximum benefit from our security guard patrol services, a member of our management team visits each site to perform a thorough security assessment. During this visit, we get a clear understanding of the client’s primary security concerns and budget. We also walk through the site to identify access points, obscured locations, and items that are particularly vulnerable to theft. With this information, we develop a personalized security plan with recommendations on what type of guard (armed/unarmed) and patrol (foot/bike/golf cart/vehicle) would best serve your needs.


Our Management Staff is experienced and knowledgeable

Public Security Inc.’s management team consists of security professionals who have approximately 70 years of collective experience. Having such extensive experience means that they are familiar with the industry’s best practices and know how to improve safety and security for a wide array of situations. Over the years, they’ve developed security guard and patrol solutions for construction sites, industrial facilities, distribution centers, parking lots, schools, college campuses, business parks, hospitals, warehouses, residential communities, and more. By using carefully selected guards, strategic patrol routes and schedules, and state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to discourage many of the most costly and distressing criminal activities, including but not limited to trespassing, loitering, theft, vandalism, and violence.


Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

  • All Guards Registered With BSIS
  • Will Match or Beat Any Competitor’s Price
  • Available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Options
  • Personalized Security Plans & Post Order Duties

Affordable, Security Services for Businesses, Construction Sites, Parking Lots & More

Public Security, Inc. is Southern California’s best choice for security guard services. Our professional, experienced, and reliable security guards are fully prepared to address the on-site security concerns of nearly any type of business, property, or facility. Whether you manage a parking lot, gated community, construction site, or industrial warehouse, you can rely on Security Guard Pros to develop the most cost-effective solution to address your specific security needs.

Our security officers are well qualified to perform a wide range of duties that help to discourage theft, vandalism, loitering, and other criminal or unwanted activity. Each guard has been hand selected by our management team that has nearly 70 years of collective experience in the industry. We will only hire guards with proven experience, strong communication skills, and a personable demeanor. Additionally, each of our guards must pass criminal and civil background checks and hold an active Guard Card issued by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). In order to earn their BSIS Guard Card, our guards had to complete a minimum of 40 hours of training. To keep to their Card active, they must also complete additional training annually. These training sessions include power to arrest, terrorism and WMD awareness, observe and report, patrol, communications, public relations, fire watch, and more.

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In order to determine what type of security guard services will best benefit your circumstances, a member of our management team will perform an on-site consultation, where we can assess your location and gain a complete understanding of your security goals and unique vulnerabilities. Based upon our findings, we will customize your security plan and develop clear expectations for guard selection, appearance, placement, and duties. Once a security plan is agreed upon, we will select the security guard(s) based upon how well they match your requirements. We then train them on the specifics of their post order duties. To ensure that our guards are continuously meeting all expectations, our management team supervises them in real time and performs regular on-site checks. They also use the GeoFence App and Detex technology to verify that our guards are at their posts and performing all required patrols.

Call today to schedule a free consultation and quote. Our unarmed/armed security guard services are available throughout all of Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Kern County, Santa Barbara County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County.




Public Security, Inc. is built on the principles of providing reliable service.

Public Security, Inc. was founded in 1990 as a full service security firm.

Our executive officers have a combined 30 years of experience in the security field as well as federal and local law enforcement.

Our diversified services continues to grow by following trends, improving our standards, and listening to our customers.

Our unique services have established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Our 8-Step Plan for New Clients

Public Security, Inc. works hard to give every client high-quality, personalized security guard services at a price they can afford. In order to ensure that we customize every aspect of our private security services to each client’s unique set of needs, our management team follows the nine-step process detailed below.

  1. Consultation – To become familiar with a client’s security needs, we start with a free over-the-phone consultation. During this call, we will want to know what industry you are in, the size and layout of your property, and your goals, concerns, threats, and perceived vulnerabilities. It also helps if you make us aware of any specific guard services and/or duties you are particularly interested in.
  2. Security Recommendation & Competitive Bid – Following the phone consultation, we develop a proposal and bid that we believe will give you the most effective security for your budget. Our proposals can be presented in person or sent via fax or email. If you’ve put your job out for bid, let us know; we will match or beat any local competitor’s price.
  3. On-Site Assessment – Before we finalize any proposal, we prefer to conduct an on-site meeting, during which a security manager meets with the property owner, manager, or other authorized representative to assess the location in person and adjust the proposal as needed.
  4. Final Contract – We will revise and discuss the contract as needed until there is complete clarity and agreement on the services, terms, and expectations. We offer a variety of short-term and long-term contract options. As soon as a contract is signed, we can begin providing our guard services.
  5. Security Plan & Post Order Duties Development – Based upon the terms of the contract, our security assessment, and conversations with the client, our security management team will develop a detailed security plan and post order duties.
  6. Guard Assignment – In order to best serve our clients, we spend a lot of time trying to best match our guards to each assignment. We consider the guard requirements outlined in the security plan and each guard’s skillset, experience, and personality. Once assigned, the guard is briefed on their assignment and thoroughly trained on their post order duties.
  7. Plan Implementation – You can expect our guards to arrive on time, in your choice of uniform, and fully prepared to work. We require all guards to check in to their assignment using our GeoFence App, which requires them to be within 100 feet of their post to clock in. Once on site, our guards will perform all patrol checks and duties as assigned.

Reports & Reviews – As part of our guard services, we check in regularly with our clients and provide them with detailed reports, such as visitor logs, incident reports, and patrol logs. Additionally, our management team conducts on-site visits, requests client feedback, and evaluates the effectiveness of our security plan and guard services. In the event of an emergency or urgent request, our clients have 24-hour access to our management team.



  • Gated communities.
  • Apartment complexes.
  • Parking enforcement.
  • Fire watch.
  • 24/7 dispatch.

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Our company is built on the principles of providing reliable service.


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